Anniversary Gifts for Him That’ll Blow Him Away

Anniversary Gifts for Him That'll Blow Him Away

It’s certainly a common cultural trope that women always remember anniversaries and men don’t. The fact is, a lot of men out there look forward to celebrating their relationships just as much as wives do, and it delights them all the same to get meaningful gifts from the women they love.

An anniversary is, of course, a special day in any romantic relationship. It’s that time when you appreciate your husband or boyfriend for years you’ve spent together. There are so many anniversary gifts for him available, but you don’t want to settle for a boring old tie or some golf balls.

When it comes to anniversary gifts, the sky is the limit, and the ultimate goal is to make a special memory for him to commemorate your time together. The following are some interesting gifts you can try out this year.

Men’s Invicta 12907 Specialty Swiss Watch

The Men’s Specialty Quartz Swiss Watch from trusted timepiece brand Invicta is an elegant and luxurious brace watch that’s just about irresistible to any man who knows a little about watches. It’s the perfect gift for your anniversary because it’ll remind him of the time and your time with him. This has a classy design whose value says it all about how you feel about him. You can also order it engraved with a small message on the back.

Men’s Titanium Aries Constellation Pendant Necklace

Who says men don’t love jewelry? Well they’re wrong, because a men’s titanium Aries constellation pendant necklace is one cool accessory and it’s something unique that speaks to his sense of style. The great thing about this gift is that it is specifically designed for men to be bold, not delicate, and the creative Aries constellation design makes it very unique. You can find other constellations as well to match your man’s star sign. Bring him outside to stargaze before you present this to him.

Solid 14K Gold Buckle Cluster Finger Ring

Giving your husband or boyfriend a ring during your anniversary is not such a common thing, but it can have a great impact because the idea is pretty unique. Think of it as a symbol of the times you have spent together and a sign of the amazing times ahead. The buckle represents how you two are tied to one another, and the solid-gold construction ensures that this is a classic, valuable piece of jewelry that he can appreciate for years.

Miniature 1939 Mercedes Benz

There’s no doubt that most men love cars, so if your guy is a fan of classic luxury automobiles, it doesn’t any better than gifting him with a miniature model of the 1939 Mercedes Benz during your anniversary. The car is the perfect novelty item, and it’s much more affordable than the real thing! Include a sweet note with this gift, such as, “Always focus on the front windshield and not the rearview mirror.” This is also a fun thing for him to display in his office at home or at work, and he’ll think of you every time he sees it.

Classic Tooled Leather Wallet

A wallet is a pretty manly gift, but adding some designs to match the occasion is definitely a plus. The pure leather makes it durable and handsome, but most importantly a hand-tooled message or image will surely blow him away. Try to theme your message to the anniversary. Additionally, make sure your messages are romantic and reflect the time you have spent together. If you’re worried about being too romantic, pick a design that fits one of his hobbies or favorite teams.

Engraved Anniversary Copper Coins

As you probably know by now, a simple gift can definitely still have the biggest impact, and with an engraved anniversary copper coin attached to a keychain, you can achieve that result. This is something that looks really unique but it’s also quite useful for keeping him organized, especially if he’s always frantically searching for his keys every morning on the way to work.  One of the other benefits of this large, eye-catching coin is that both sides can be engraved, so take advantage of this to say something memorable. On one side you can engrave the year you are celebrating, and on the other side you can have a special message engraved for your husband or boyfriend. This is a smart gift idea for those guys out there who are particularly hard to shop for or consider themselves “men who have everything.”

Luxurious “Hubby” Engraved Pen

Whether he’s a banker or a writer, your husband will appreciate a classic, elegant engraved pen. It’s a simple and unique anniversary gift, but it’s something he’ll carry around every single day. The trick to making it really special is to have the body of the pen engraved with something sweet and sentimental; you can write “Hubby” or use his nickname, and you can also have your anniversary date carved into it as well. He’ll remember your special day every time he writes a check or works on the morning crossword.

Flip Back Trivia Playing Cards

The vintage nature of these playing cards is what makes them so appealing, and if your husband or boyfriend loves card games, this will definitely blow him away. The gift is an ideal buy for people who have limited budgets as well. You can find decks for individual years all the way back to 1900, and each card has a unique trivia question pertaining to the specific year on the deck that you buy. Consider getting a set from the year you two got married or started dating, and enjoy a fun trip down memory lane while you remember what life was like back then.


Your anniversary is by far one of the most important days you get to enjoy with your husband or boyfriend. It’s a wise idea to do your best to ensure that you charm and warm his heart with the perfect anniversary gift that surprises him. These are some creative ideas you can take advantage of to make this year’s anniversary as memorable as possible.

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