Awesomely Sentimental Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

Awesomely Sentimental Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

Celebrating your boyfriend’s birthday is great way to express your romance. Plus, birthdays are already very important occasions no matter what. Why not show him how special he is to you with something a little bit personal and sentimental? There are a number of great birthday gift ideas for boyfriends that can spice up his special day and make it even more memorable and exciting.

Besides, you don’t need to spend so much money to put a smile on your boyfriend’s face during his birthday. There are amazing and creative gifts that come at very reasonable costs. Check out this list of 10 quality birthday gift ideas for your favorite guy. As an added bonus, most will not cost you more than $20.

“Best Boyfriend” Metal Gift Key Holder

Keys are very personal, and even for your boyfriend it’s not any different. Although a metal key ring may seem like an ordinary gift, when you add in some creative twists and simple personalization you can easily blow your boyfriend away with a sweet message. He probably looks at his keys at least several times a day, so why not make that an opportunity to remind him how special he is to you?

Have a silver keychain engraved with a phrase like “Best Boyfriend,” “I Love You,” your nickname for him, or a reminder of an inside joke you two have. This is a great way of reminding him he is valuable, and considering this is something he’ll probably carry all day, a personalized key holder might just be the right gift to put a smile on his face.

A Custom-Printed Mouse Pad

When it comes to sweet birthday gifts for boyfriends, the simpler choices are sometimes better. A creative twist to a mouse pad might just be what you need to give your boyfriend a unique birthday gift, especially if you are on a tight budget. Think of the mouse pad as your birthday card; put a special message on it and dedicate it to your boyfriend. As simple as this may look at first, it is such a romantic gesture that will remind him of you every time he signs into his computer. Ordering a custom-printed mouse pad with a photo of you together is a great idea as well.

A Custom “Sexiest Boyfriend” Pillow

This is a great gift whose simplicity can capture your boyfriend in ways you probably wouldn’t have imagined before. Order a custom-printed pillow with a fun phrase like “Sexiest Boyfriend.” It’ll make him laugh, but it’s also a charming and thoughtful present. You can also try to explore different customization approaches and put in creative messages to appreciate him and make him feel special. Or, choose a photo of you so he can always see you even when you can’t be together.

Engraved Shot Glass

If your boyfriend is like a lot of guys around, he probably loves to take shots and you can make this experience even more rewarding with an engraved shot glass. The message is definitely the key, but you can find unique glasses that reflect his hobbies or interests as well. Additionally, the message on the glass can be romantic or just appreciative, but in any case, this is a unique gift idea that’ll give your boyfriend a reason to smile while he celebrates his birthday year after year with a toast.

Glow in the Dark Sex Dice

If you’re looking for something kinky and more intimate, glow in the dark sex dice can be an ideal gift that will lighten your boyfriends’ birthday and add a touch of sultry fun. This is an intimate gift that can symbolize a lot of maturity and growth in your relationship. Glow in the dark sex dice are definitely a unique gift, and they’ll probably delight him as much as they’ll surprise him.

Customized Gamepad Skins

If your boyfriend is into video games, then this is an ideal gift for you to check out. These skins apply to gaming controllers for systems like XBOX and PS4, so you really only need to know what games your boyfriend is into or what systems he owns. You can also find cool skins that have nothing to do with game characters; choose one with a logo of his favorite NFL team or an abstract design. Giving your boyfriend customized gamepad skins shows you understand his interests, and this should go a long way towards lightening up the mood and making his birthday exceptional.

“Best Boyfriend” Trophy

If your boyfriend has a fun sense of humor, trophy declaring him “Best Boyfriend of All Time” is a funny-yet-sweet way to show him how much he means to you. Try to find a creatively designed trophy that perhaps resonates with his body structure. For example if he’s a well-built dude, you can try to find him a trophy shaped like a bodybuilder.

Personalized Engraved Lighter

A personalized engraved lighter is a great novelty item and it doesn’t matter if your boyfriend smokes or not. A lighter is such a manly gift that it will surely sweep him away.  Just like all engraved gifts, the message is what counts. Don’t be too generic; dream up an out-of-the-box message that can relate to your relationship. Additionally, there is no problem with being naughty. After all, it’s a birthday, not a wedding anniversary.

Customized Fingerless Wool Gloves

The great thing about customized fingerless gloves is that there is no limit as how creative you can get. You can find gloves that are made using the colors of his favorite football team or order a pair that has his initials monogrammed right into the woven yarn. Additionally, you can still personalize woolen fingerless gloves with a message of love and romance in order to make him feel special every time he wears them. This is an especially great idea if his birthday falls during a winter month.


Getting an ideal gift for your boyfriend’s birthday can be challenging, especially if you’re on a tight budget. However, there are so many low-cost birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend that you can easily explore and get the most positive impact during his special day. Showing how much you care doesn’t have to drain your wallet. The best thing to do is to keep your gift selection simple and unique, and think of something that will really be useful or special to him. Make sure it’s personal or reflective of your relationship, and you’ll succeed in making his day truly memorable.

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