Innovative Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Innovative Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Husband

If you’re looking to surprise your husband on his birthday this year, it’s best if you can find something that he truly wouldn’t have thought to get on his own, something innovative, fun, or classic that he can use for years to come.

Birthdays are never usually complete without a gift to mark the occasion, and for all the wives out there, you can rest assured knowing that there’s certainly no dearth of quality gift ideas out there for you to discover. Finding them is the difficult part, but it doesn’t have to be. Get something simple and creative, and there’s no reason why you can’t surprise your favorite man with a cool present.

Here are several birthday gift ideas for your husband that he’ll really get a kick out of.

Vintage Dude Tankard Beer Mug

When you think of stuff guys like, it’s okay to imagine beer. It’s basically the perfect drink for every guy, and this is what makes the Vintage Dude Tankard beer mug a thoughtful gift for his birthday. The gift is simple, inexpensive, and also quite unique. The mug can be engraved with the age your husband is turning or any other message that wishes him well in the years to come. You can be as creative as you want, but in the end, he’ll always look at that mug every time he’s enjoying a cold beer and remember you.

Genuine 1955 10-Cent Cufflinks

The vintage nature of this gift really makes these pieces unique, especially if he was born in this decade. Cuff links might seem like a no-brainer idea for a present, but these aren’t something he’ll have seen before. The cufflinks are made with genuine inlaid 1955 10-cent coins that hearken back to old times, and they’re definitely great conversation starters that other guys in the office will notice.

Men’s Silk Pajama Pants

If you want to give your husband something intimate for his birthday or simply facilitate his love of staying comfortable, consider a pair of 100-percent silk pajama pants. The gift is not only simple but a very thoughtful one that definitely shows you want him to feel good. You can find a basic, solid-color pair or go with something a little more fun, like fabric that’s printed with hearts or stripes. You might want to get him a couple pairs, because he’s sure to find these irresistible after a long day at work. Have them monogrammed with his initials for an extra touch of class.

Dry Skin Argan Oil Treatment Kit

Great skincare products aren’t just for women these days. An argan oil treatment kit is an item that your man will really appreciate, especially if he works outdoors or with his hands and is frequently exposed to the elements. This super-moisturizing oil is perfect for personal grooming and turning rough, dry skin into something supple again. The gift represents a symbol of intimacy and affection and will surely bring a smile to his face. The kit comes with a variety of oils and lotions specifically designed for men, including after shaving.

Call of Duty USB Cable Extension

The “Call of Duty” games make up definitely one of the most popular video game series on the market, and there is no doubt that, if your husband is into video games, this may just be one of his favorite things to play when he’s out in his man cave. You can spice up his gaming experience with a themed “Call of Duty” USB flash drive that features a game badge or is even shaped like the bomb from “Black Ops.” If your guy is always working on the computer, this is a great tool for helping him keep track of all his documents, music, and more.

Uncommon Goods Etched Wooden Bowtie

The tie is what completes that perfect suit and is an important part of dressing. That doesn’t mean that your husband shouldn’t have a little fun with his neckwear, however. Give him something unique with a bow tie made out of real wood. This carved tie is laser-etched with a plaid pattern that’ll make people wonder whether or not the wood grain background is part of the fabric or actually wood. It’s finished with a center “knot” of grey tweed. The colors are subtle and the design is fun, so you’ll see his eyes light up when he finds an occasion to wear this fun piece.

Touchscreen Smart Watch

A touchscreen smart watch is one classy birthday gift for your husband. The popularity of smart watches is becoming a reality, and not many men have actually managed to get their hands on these amazing products. If your husband considers himself a technology buff, help him become the first one of his friends to experience just how amazing these things really are. Although it’s not the most budget-friendly option on this list, it’s something that will probably leave him speechless. What better way to celebrate a birthday?

Final words

The perfect gift for your husband’s birthday really depends on who he is as a person and what his interests are, but you’re sure to find a successful gift if you plan to think outside the box. The great thing is that there are so many diverse novelty items out there that can make his birthday experience exceptional. Take some time to weigh your options and really consider what’ll make him happiest before choosing the specific gift you intend to buy. What he’ll value most is the thought you put into it, especially if it’s a present he can use for years to come.

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